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Mississippi College has a long tradition of excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental education that has kept our alma mater ranked as one of the top programs in the southeast.

Although the competition for top students has become greater each year, MC exceeds national and state averages in the percentage of students attending medical school.  For that trend to continue and for Mississippi College to continue to recruit top students, the alumni association is reaching out to our alumni to create a program with a unique approach to pre-medical and pre-dental education.

The Mississippi College Medical and Dental Alumni Association obtain the following as some of its goals:

  1. To provide a unique approach to pre-medical and pre-dental education that will begin incorporating clinical skills at the undergraduate level.
  2. Develop lecture series given by alumni designed to spark interest in various specialties at the undergraduate level.
  3. Encourage alumni to provide one to three day clinical preceptorships for third and fourth year students.
  4. Develop directed funds, awards, and scholarships specific to pre-medical and pre-dental curriculum.

For more information about how to join the MC Medical and Dental Alumni Association, please contact the Alumni Office at 601-925-3809 or